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RRHL Adult Division

RRHL Rattlers Adult Division

The RRHL Rattlers Adult Division is pleased to announce that the inaugural season at the Matthew and Daniel Barton Memorial Rink will begin shortly.  Please watch this space, your email, and our social media pages for the registration announcement for the Rattlers Adult Division.

Adult Hockey - Fall 2023

RRHL Adult Division

Current Information and Announcements pertaining to the RRHL Adult Division.  

Contact: Darryl Talman



Games are played at KidsZone in Hanover Airpark.  All games are played on Wednesday nights between 7-10pm.

Teams typically have 6 or 7 skaters and a goalie.   Games are played 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 depending on how many are at the game for each team.

Games are self officiated.  

Each game has 2 20-minute periods.  In case of tie, a 3 v 3 shootout decides the winner.

Required equipment - Helmet, Gloves, Stick, Shins, Skates.

Skill level is all over the place.  We have a single league for all skill levels.

Max number of teams in the league is 7.  If that is hit, the league is full.

Bring a dark and light jersey each week.

If you bring beer in the rink, the empty can needs to be taken with you.

All players MUST be 18+ unless sponsored by another adult.

Please limit trash talking.  It has gotten a little worse the past two seasons.  If someone gets out of hand, we will decide if that person can join the following season.  No place for that in a beer league.