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RRHL Adult Division


Games are played at KidsZone in Hanover Airpark.  All games are played on Wednesday nights between 7-10pm.

Teams typically have 6 or 7 skaters and a goalie.   Games are played 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 depending on how many are at the game for each team.

Games are self officiated.  

Each game has 2 20-minute periods.  In case of tie, a 3 v 3 shootout decides the winner.

Required equipment - Helmet, Gloves, Stick, Shins, Skates.

Skill level is all over the place.  We have a single league for all skill levels.

Max number of teams in the league is 7.  If that is hit, the league is full.

Bring a dark and light jersey each week.

If you bring beer in the rink, the empty can needs to be taken with you.

All players MUST be 18+ unless sponsored by another adult.

Please limit trash talking.  It has gotten a little worse the past two seasons.  If someone gets out of hand, we will decide if that person can join the following season.  No place for that in a beer league.

RRHL Adult Division

Current Information and Announcements pertaining to the RRHL Adult Division.  

Contact: Darryl Talman