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    Reminders for 11/22

    If your player will miss a game, notify your coach and/or the league before your assigned game time.  The league email is  

    Coaches: please notify the league if you have absent players. 

    Your emails contain information regarding the new COVID mandate updates to our league protocols.

    New Mandated Protocols 11/16/20

    Dear Fall Youth 2020 Families,

    Please check your emails for vital information regarding the governor's new mandates and how they affect our season.  

    For your convenience, here is the link to the full mandate.

    -RRHL Board

    URGENT please read.


    There have been a couple of quarantine situations as cases are increasing within the area.  If you and/or your child are quarantined due to any form of COVID-19 exposure, please get in touch with your coach ASAP so that a sub can be found for your player.  Please follow all quarantine rules. 

    Please continue to follow our league protocols regarding this season during the pandemic.  

    As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email

    Current News

    League starts SUNDAY 10/25/20.

    LOWER LEVEL - game is at 1:30pm.  Rosters will be posted soon.  Everyone should plan to show up shortly after 1:00pm.

    UPPER LEVEL - games are 3 and 4:30pm.  Rosters have been posted on the team pages (select REC LEAGUE, UPPER LEVEL, and each team is listed).

    Upper Level Rosters

    Rosters are loaded on each team page.  They are included below for quick reference.

    Round Tornadoes Typhoon Hurricanes Tsunami
    1 Braeden Moreno Brody Southall Carter Bondurant Breckon Goodman
    2 Erin Bunger Cameron Fisher Drew Redford Cole Raso
    3 Gavin VanFossen Casey Thompson Jack Brown Hudson Droppleman
    4 Jonathan Chenault Donovan Molino Jackson Young Issiah Seay
    5 Leland McIntyre Hunter Southall Jordan Woods JJ Droppleman
    6 Lucas Bunger Kaiden Saunders Seth Johnson Nelson Greenwood
    7 Nick Long Michael Molino Shayne Exline Nevin Barnes
    8 Zachary Kees Owen McIntyre Nathaniel Mayers Henry Crain

    Welcome to the Fall 2020 Registration!

    Fall Hockey 2020 registration is here! Here are a few quick things to know about signups. As of right now, all current protocols will stay in place. Be sure to check those out before registering! This season will have a lower fee than a typical season. We know many of you lost half of last season, so we hope that helps. Some aspects of the game will be different. We'll still need to try to maintain some social distance indoors. This will mean smaller team sizes, but also may mean more time in the game! We're unsure how many players will be on a team, how many teams we'll have, and how many levels we'll have. In order to organize that, we need a good headcount for those of you planning to come back! The registration fee is set at zero right now, since this is just to sort teams and players. We'll have everyone pay closer to the start of the season. We'll know more about the reduced fee when we know how many players we'll have and how many rink hours we'll need. Please register ASAP to help us get our fall season going! We'd like to get started by the end of September/beginning of October! Hope to see some familiar names come through soon! Let's play some hockey!

    Clinic and Pick-Up Session Info

    Our first week of clinics and pick up hockey was a lot of fun, and we'd love to see some more friendly faces out there this week! Our Lower Level clinic will be Thursday 8/27 from 6:15 - 7:15, and our Upper Level 3v3 Pick-Up session will be from 7:15 - 8:15. Please sign up ONLY if you're positive you are attending, and DO NOT attend if you didn't sign up. Both sessions are capped at 12 players to enable social distance within the rink. Please read the return to play protocols and plan to follow them if you attend a session. Also check out the basic rules listed on our Signup Genius. We're really excited to get some hockey back for you guys! The Signup Genius for players attending is below!

    Clinic and 3v3 Pick-Up Session Sign Up

    Follow the link above to our Signup Genius for this week's sessions!

    COVID-19 Update: 8/19/20

    We're as anxious as you are to get back to typical hockey seasons! Your board members are weighing options for a Fall/Winter season. We'll also be monitoring Virginia's Phase regulations, Coronavirus updates, and the actions of other various youth sports leagues. We're going to continue clinics and pick-up sessions for as long as we're able to make it work. We'll update the website when we know more about what the Fall/Winter season looks like! In the meantime, we hope to see you at some of our summer sessions! Stay safe!

    COVID-19 Update: 6/8/20

    Please check your email for a communication from the RRHL board.

    COVID-19 Update: 4/17/20

    We have reached and passed our stated season pause date, and we've been reviewing all of the information on this coronavirus right along with you.  As there are mandates in place to stay home, and as we are first and foremost concerned with our players' and families' health and safety, our season's pause will continue until further notice.  Once it is safe to do so, we will review our options for the rest of this season and update you when we are able to make that decision.

    -RRHL Board


    Like all of our league members, the Board is following the COVID-19 news closely.  We want to make sure decisions we make regarding the league are based on as much information as possible and also want to see how other sports organizations are handling the situation.

    At this point, it is clear that we need to put our season on hold.  We are already scheduled to be off two weeks in April due to Spring Break and Easter.  By taking the next two weeks off, we will have a total of a month off from hockey.  This will give us more time to monitor the situation and ensure that we don't put our league members at risk.

    Effective immediately, the YOUTH LEAGUE games and Thursday practices are on hold.  The current plan will be to resume both the Thursday after Easter.  We will adjust our plan as necessary based on how the situation progresses.

    We hope everyone remains safe and healthy!  If you have any questions, please let us know.

    We have not yet made a decision on the adult league.  Please check back in on Monday, 3/16.

    R.R.H.L. Board

    Weather Update

    If the league is cancelling activities due to inclement weather, this website will be updated.  You can also call our phone number.  If an event is cancelled, the message will be very specific to the cancellation.

    League Hotline = 804-496-1514

    Download Our Mobile App!

    Our mobile app allows for you to track your team from your phone!  You can use the link below or search for it in your app store.

    1. In your app store, search for "Sports Engine" - it's made by Sport Ngin, Inc. and will have an NBC logo on it (parent company)
    2. Download the app and open it
    3. Click on the magnifying glass
    4. Enter "Richmond Roller Hockey League"
    5. Find the team you want to track and select it
    6. Click on the "star" to add it as a favorite
    7. You are done!
    8. If you have issues, email RVARHL@GMAIL.COM and we will help.

    What equipment is required?

    Required Equipment

    The following items are REQUIRED:

    1. Helmet
    2. Gloves
    3. Elbow Pads
    4. Shin Guards
    5. Skates
    6. Stick
    7. Inline pants (or a substitute that is durable)

    The following equipment is OPTIONAL:

    1. Padded shirt
    2. Shoulder pads (may become required soon)
    3. Girdle under the inline pants
    4. Mouth guard (may become required soon)
    5. Athletic Cup (required for Puck hockey at The Ozone)


    This is the most important piece of equipment.  There is a big difference between skates (wheels) made for the outdoors and indoors.  Wheels used outside are typically hard and sometimes even plastic.  Wheels made for the inside are softer and are made of rubber.  If you try to use outdoor wheels, especially plastic ones, it's extremely hard.  If you use your indoor wheels outside, you will ruin them in a short period of time.  Skates also can't have any bolts or medal sticking out.  These are often found on outdoor skates or old skates.  The bolts will cause damage to the playing surface. 

    Skates MUST HAVE  a full set of wheels.  A player can't start a game with an empty slot for a wheel.  The risk of injury to another player and risk to rink damage increases.

    The Registration "Home" is not currently available.


    Inclement Weather!

    In the event of inclement weather, the league will provide updates on our league phone number, Facebook, and this website.  Because we might not have access to update the website, it would be good to check 2 sources if you are concerned.

    League Phone Number:  804-496-1514

      RSL - Regional Select League

      Rinks around Virginia have pulled together to form a league that allows for "all star" type teams from each rink to play against each other.  The divisions include Elementary School, Middle School, and High School.

      It's not a huge commitment of time.  We will practice some and the games are generally once a month.  The cost is minimal. 

      The registration process includes a question around interest in RSL.  If you respond "yes", we will evaluate your son/daughter for a spot on the team.  We may or may not hold tryouts for the teams.  Our preference at this time is to evaluate the players during games without putting them through the stress of a formal tryout.  Responding "yes" is not an agreement to play.  We will share more information with you and you can make a decision at a later time on whether you are interested. 

      Games run November through February.  Usually 5 game dates over the course of that time period.


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      Richmond Roller Hockey League

      The Richmond Roller Hockey League, or RRHL, is located in Ashland, Virginia and plays at Ozone.  The league started in 1992, as the Central Virginia Youth Roller Hockey League (CVYRHL).  The league name changed to the RRHL when the organization earned it's non-profit status in 1996.  We are a big family that loves hockey and we have a ball when we play!

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