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    Adult Hockey

    Richmond Roller Hockey League

    A roller hockey rink surrounded by white boards and chain link fencing.  The rink flooring is bright blue with red lines and a Washington Capitals logo in the center.  The sky is gray and cloudy.

    Matthew and Daniel Barton Memorial Rink

    Welcome to the Richmond Roller Hockey League, an affiliate of the Washington Capitals!

    We are one league with two divisions: RRHL Youth Division and RRHL Adult Division.  Currently, both divisions are playing their fall/winter seasons. 

    The RRHL Adult Division plays on Wednesday nights at Airpark Kids Zone in the Hanover Airpark.

    The RRHL Youth Division plays at the newly renovated Matthew and Daniel Barton Memorial Rink in Courthouse Park.

    Please contact us or sign up for our newsletter.  See you at the rink!

    RRHL News for All


    Upper Practice resumes Tuesday, 11/29.

    Clinic resumes Wednesday, 11/30 (FREE!).

    Adult Division games resume Wednesday, 11/30.

    Lower Practice resumes Thursday, 12/1.

    Youth Division games resume Sunday, 12/4.


    RRHL Adult Division

    Current Information and Announcements pertaining to the RRHL Adult Division.  

    Contact: Darryl Talman




    Please plan to have your players geared up and ready to roll by 1:15. We are to be in place by 1:30. The parade starts at 2. We are in #18. All of the info and the map are here:

    We are so excited!!!!! See you soon!

    Fall Adult Rosters

      Octoberfest Falcon Smash
    1 Adam Sheldon Andrew Kypriss
    2 Dawson Klee Connor McNary
    3 Dylan Longo Darryl Talman
    4 Michael King Ian Mcnutt
    5 Peyton Klee Jonathan  Gressett
    6 Shawn Davidson Lee Clagett
    7 Terry Debose Steven Valva
    G Josh Earley Ben Talman


      Team Bud Light Team Bud Ice LE
    1 Casey Engel Casey Thompson
    2 Daniel Malamphy James Bradley
    3 Jake Sklar Nick Thompson
    4 Jerad Carlson Thomas Hauck
    5 Josh Bieger Trevor Barton
    6 Justin Cecil Zach Pierce
    7 Simon Kim Zachary Herndon
    G Daniel Corbin Allen Thompson

    RRHL Youth Division

    Current Information and Announcements pertaining to the RRHL Youth Division.

    Contacts: Phoebe McCullough, Jessica Brandolino, Amy Garelick


    Wednesday Night Clinic

    FREE  Wednesday Night Clinic tonight, 11/30! 

    6-7 pm at Airpark Kids Zone.  Clinics are run by our Youth Division coaches, who are also Adult Division players.

    BRING YOUR FRIENDS.  They need skates and a helmet; we have some gear in the pod that we can help kids use.

    Practice Tuesday 11/29

    Upper Level practice is Tuesday, 11/29, at 6:30 at the Barton Rink.




    Please plan to have your players geared up and ready to roll by 1:15. We are to be in place by 1:30. The parade starts at 2. We are in #18. All of the info and the map are here:

    We are so excited!!!!! See you soon!

    Thanksgiving Week

    There are no practices, clinics, or games from 11/21-11/28.

    Upper Practice resumes 11/29.

    Clinic resumes 11/30 (FREE!).

    Lower Practice resumes 12/1.

    Important Announcements for the RRHL

    Ashland Parade

    Next week is the Ashland Holiday Parade, and we are participating!  There is a sign up and a lot of information on this page:

    Anyone in the RRHL can join us in the parade, including Adult Division and Youth Division players!

    Volunteers will walk or skate with us for the duration of the parade.  Youth Division players should be in full gear, including helmets and jerseys, but do not have to skate (the road will tear up skate wheels, unless the wheels are specifically outdoor wheels).  

    There are NO games on Sunday, 11/20.

    There is NO practice the week of Thanksgiving (11/22 and 11/24).  

    There is NO Wednesday Night Clinic the week of Thanksgiving (11/23).


    Wednesday Night Clinic

    There will be four FREE clinics: 11/16, 11/30, 12/7, 12/14.  BRING YOUR FRIENDS.  They need skates and a helmet; we have some gear in the pod that we can help kids use.

    Email or text (804) 496-1720 with questions.

    Sunday 11/13

    Schedule for Sunday, 11/13--Youth Division.

    2:00: Firebirds vs Bardown Bandits

    3:00: Sharks vs Coyotes

    4:00: Firebirds vs Thunderbirds

    --Don't forget your jersey.

    --To be early is to be on time.  To be on time is to be late.  To be late is to let your team down.

    SNACKS/HOT DOGS--Youth Division

    No Snacks/Hot Dogs this week. If you would like to sign up to grill hot dogs and sell snacks, click here:

    hot dogs

    DuWayne is firing up his grill again for us today, 10/30!

    See DuWayne and Amy for your snacky needs today by the Barton Shed.


    Hot dogs: $2 each.

    Chips: $1 each.

    Small bottled water: $1 each.


    Bring cash or pay our Venmo (RRHL-RRHL) or PayPal (

    Tuesday 10/18 Make Up Game

    Tonight is the make up game between the Thunderbirds and the Bardown Bandits, from 6:30-7:3- at Barton.  Firebirds have the night off from game/practice.  

    Practice Cancelled 10/13

    Lower Level practice has been cancelled for tonight, Thursday 10/13.  The rain has made the rink unsafe for our players to skate on.  We look forward to seeing you on Sunday for our second week of games.  Please check the schedule for game times.  Please contact your coach for goalie rotation schedule.


    Happy Opening Day!

    We are SO EXCITED to welcome our players to the Matthew and Daniel Barton Memorial Rink for our first games today.

    *Remember: pucks are always a hazard risk. Please use the parking area next to the rink as a drop off zone, and park away from the rink.

    *Do not drive on any grass at Courthouse Park! We are not allowed to park in the fields.

    *Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your first game so we can fit jerseys and goalies.

    *If your player is on the rink during RRHL time, your player MUST have on a helmet.

    *Bring plenty of water and sunscreen! If you'll be there a while, bring snacks for your players.

    *We do not have access to the scoreboard yet (we are waiting for Hanover). Please download the Sports Engine app, per the directions on our website, We will update scores throughout the games through the app.

    *The schedule and team rosters are on the website. For your convenience this Opening Day, here is the schedule:

    2:00--Bardown Bandits vs. Thunderbirds

    3:00--Sharks vs. Coyotes

    4:00--Firebirds vs. Bardown Bandits

    Please email or text (804) 496-1720 with questions or last minute issues. See you this afternoon!

    -Phoebe, Jessica, and Amy

    2022 Fall Season RRHL Youth Division

    Registration is now live!  Click the link to register your player for our Fall 2022 Season of the RRHL Youth Division at the Matthew and Daniel Barton Memorial Rink!

    Clinic tonight: Wed. Night 10/12

    Our Wednesday Night Clinic is tonight, 10/12, from 6-7, at Airpark Kids Zone. It is $5/player at the door.  All ages and skill levels are welcome!  Email with any questions.


    Season Announcements

    Rosters, practices, and games have all been loaded into the website!  An email has been sent with more details. 


    We are so excited to start our season on Sunday, October 9, at Barton!

    Important Youth RRHL Announcements

    We want to first thank you for your patience as we are navigating major changes behind the scenes.  We have divided the league into two divisions: Youth RRHL and Adult RRHL.   Your current contacts for Youth RRHL is Phoebe McCullough, Jessica Brandolino, and Amy Garelick.  Darryl Talman is the contact for the Adult RRHL.  

    We are extremely proud to announce that we are now affiliated with the Washington Capitals Youth Hockey!  We recently attended a Youth Hockey Summit at MedStar Capitals Ice Plex, and you can see some of what we did on our Instagram page.  

    We received approval from the AAU.  It is $16/player.  This is not included in our season registration; it is a separate registration, and you will need to verify your player's AAU registration with us in order to participate.  This will be a requirement to play with the RRHL Youth Division going forward.

    Sunday, October 2 will be our evals for our fall RRHL Youth Division season.  Lower Level evals will be at 2.  Upper Level evals will be at 3.  These will take place at Airpark Kids Zone.  Evals are included with registration; registration must be complete to participate in evals.

    After Sunday, October 2, the RRHL Youth Division is moving to the Matthew and Daniel Barton Memorial Rink!  This will allow us so much more flexibility, and we will also have dedicated practice evenings for each level.  Games will still be Sunday afternoons, and Wednesday Night Clinics will still occur at AKZ.

    Our season will begin Sunday, October 9, pending Hanover approval, with practices at the Barton Rink beginning on Tuesday, October 4 for Lower and Thursday, October 6 for Upper.  Times TBD for games and practices, as we collaborate with Hanover.  We will update you with confirmation as soon as our application with Hanover is approved.

    PLEASE reach out with questions.  We are working hard behind the scenes!

    Contact info:


    Phone (leave a voicemail or send a text): (804) 496-1720

    We will see you soon!

    -Phoebe, Jessica, and Amy

    RRHL Youth Division Contacts



    updated regularly

    WNC Tonight, 10/5

    Wednesday Night Clinic is tonight, 10/5, from 6-7, at Airpark Kids Zone. It's $5/player at the door. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

    Youth RRHL 9/28

    Wednesday Night Clinic is tonight, from 6-7, at Airpark Kids Zone. It's $5/player at the door. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

    IF YOUR PLAYER CANNOT COME TO EVALS THIS SUNDAY, PLEASE TRY TO COME TONIGHT. Tell Coach Thomas or Coach Justin you are there for evals for the new season.

    Please remember that in order to participate in evals and our upcoming season, your player's registration must be complete. Visit our website or click this link to register for our upcoming season.

    Evals are Sunday, 10/2. Lower Level Evals are at 2:00. Upper Level Evals are at 3:00. All evals will take place at Airpark Kids Zone. The season will take place at the Barton Rink! Registration must be complete to participate in evals and the new season.

    Please email or text (804) 496-1720 with questions.

    RRHL Updates

    We've updated our website slightly so you can find what you need more easily!  At the top, you'll find info regarding the RRHL Adult Division and the RRHL Youth Division.  In this section, you'll find regular announcements and general league info.  

    RRHL Youth Division 


    Phoebe McCullough

    Jessica Brandolino

    Amy Garelick


    The fall season begins with practice sessions on October 4 and 6, and games October 9.  Here is the link to sign up for the 2022 Fall Season of RRHL Youth Division.


    RRHL Adult Division 


    Darryl Talman


    Adult Registration is now open for the fall season!  Here is the link to register for the Fall 2022 Season of RRHL Adult Division.

    Stay Informed!

    We have two new ways to keep in touch with the RRHL!

    If you have never registered for a season with the RRHL, but you would like to receive email announcements and newsletters, please go to this link and add your email to our database:

    If you are a current or former player, your email is already on our server list and you do not need to register through this link.

    We also have a new phone number: (804) 496-1720. This number is text capable, or you can call and leave a message. We will also update the voicemail message if there are sudden announcements.

    Old News

    below find old information about previous events and seasons

    Barton Rink Rededication

    The Matthew and Daniel Barton Rink Rededication is Sunday, May 1, beginning at 11.  The RRHL will have a booth at the event, and we close the day playing our league games.  

    We are also distributing our new jerseys!  Please arrive at least thirty minutes before your scheduled game time.

    Arrival times for each team are listed here:

    Golden Knights: 1:30

    Capitals: 1:30

    Vipers: 2:30

    Muskratz: 2:30

    Honey Badgers: 3:15.

    See you at the Rink!

    Games Sunday, 5/8

    Games today are at Airpark Kids Zone!

    5/1/2022 - IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR GAMES ON 5/01/2022

    Games scheduled for 5/1/2022 will be played at the outdoor Barton Memorial Rink.  The Grand Opening is that day.  The Washington Capitals asked that a local youth league schedule an exhibition game.  Instead of an exhibition game, we are going to hold all youth games at the outdoor rink.  Same equipment - nothing different is needed.

    Games Sunday, 4/10

    It is Game Day!

    Games start at 3 this afternoon, and we're excited to see you. Upper Level, please check the schedule bar above for exact game schedules.

    A small reminder: Lower Level families, please do not enter the building before 2:45. This is per our league contract hours. Thank you for understanding and working with us.

    If your player will not be at a game today, please inform your coach ASAP.

    Thank you, and see you this afternoon!


    Game Day #1

    Game Day #1 is finally here!

    Please arrive about 15 minutes ahead of your game time to check in, get your jersey, and gear up.  Don't forget a personal labelled water bottle!


    Once you check in, look through our pod cleanout sale!

    Games will start promptly at these listed starting times:

    Capitals vs Golden Knights: 12:30

    Vipers vs Honey Badgers: 1:25

    Muskratz vs Honey Badgers: 2:05

    Muskrats vs Vipers: 2:55

    2022 Spring Season - UPDATES

    - Rosters posted
    - Schedule posted for 3 weeks

    Week 1 games are earlier in the day (12:30 - 3:30pm).  After week 1, all games will be between 3-6pm.

    Register Now!

    REGISTER NOW for our Spring 2022 season! 

    Register now and attend the Wednesday Night Clinic for evals this Wednesday, 3/2 ($5/player, at APK).  Just tell the coaches or a board member you are there for evals.

    Season begins Sunday, March 6! 

    Teams and times will be announced Friday, 3/4.

    Email with questions!

    Clinic Tonight! Evals are Sat.

    It's Wednesday! Clinic is tonight, from 6-7, at Airpark Kids Zone. $5/player at the door.

    Registration is open now for our Spring 2022 season. Registration must be completed and paid before playing. Click here to register

    Mandatory evaluations are Saturday, 2/26, from 3-4:30. Lower Level evals are from 3-3:45. Upper Level evals are from 3:45-4:30. Please arrive ready to enter the rink, and exit promptly after your session is complete. Please remember to bring your own labelled water bottle.

    The season begins Sunday, March 6. Game times TBD. All games will be played on Sundays.

    We need refs and coaches! Please reach out ASAP. You can email or talk to a board member tonight at the clinic.

    Email with questions.

    Mandatory Evals: Saturday, 2/26

    Mandatory evaluations for registered players will be held on Saturday, February 26, at Airpark Kids Zone.

    Lower level evals will be from 3:00-3:45.

    Upper level evals will be from 3:45-4:30.

    Please arrive on time and ready to go out on the rink.  Please exit promptly once your evaluation session is over.

    If you don't know which level your player is, please email us:

    Youth League Registration Now Open!

    We are so excited to announce that registration for our Spring 2022 Season is now open!  We will be playing at Airpark Kids Zone, formerly Ozone.

    Please note:

    MANDATORY Evals are Saturday, 2/26.  Times will be announced when groups are set.  All players must participate in evals, even returning players.

    Game 1 is Sunday, March 6.  Times will be announced once teams are drafted and announced.

    Players must be registered and paid in full before playing.  

    Click here to register!

    As always, email with questions:

    -RRHL Board

    Youth League Update

    The Youth League will begin a new season in March!  Please watch this space, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and your email for announcements regarding registration and evaluations.

    Wednesday Night Clinics are a great way to practice and reconnect!  Come join the Adult League as they coach our youth players in skating and hockey skills.  Wednesday nights at Airpark Kids Zone, from 6-7.  $5/player at the door.   See our required equipment on the right side of our website!

    Good News, Everyone!


    Wednesday night clinics have returned!  Bring your beginning-intermediate roller hockey player to Ozone Wednesday evenings at 6:00.  Our adult league players will work on hockey and skating skills.  $5 per player to Ozone to participate.  Please send any questions to our email,

    When: 6:00 pm Wednesdays

    Where: Ozone in Hanover Airpark

    Cost: $5 per player, payable to Ozone (not RRHL)

    Who: Beginning-Intermediate roller hockey players.


    Go skate and play!

    -RRHL Board

    Updates: Ozone and Barton Rink

    Ozone is in the works to reopen!

    Barton Rink is almost complete, except for the flooring, which is supposed to be going in this week and next.


    We are hopeful that we will be able to utilize both the Barton Rink and Ozone, soon. We miss hockey, and we miss all of you. It is just unfortunate that we have been able to tell you nothing until now. Please continue to check for updates. With any luck, we will have more updates with even better information within the next couple of weeks. As always, the best way to reach out is

    -RRHL Board

    Adult and Youth Hockey - ON HOLD

    The Richmond Roller Hockey League - RRHL fall season is currently on hold.  The Ozone, our home rink, has closed.  It is our understanding that the rink will not be opening back up.

    We are currently evaluating our options.  The RRHL (formally CVYRHL) has been providing youth and adults the opportunity to play hockey since 1993.  We are determined to keep it going but will need time to figure out exactly how we are going to move forward.

    We will provide regular updates as we work through this.

    Patrick O’Reilly

    The RRHL is mourning the passing of Pat O’Reilly.  His passed away suddenly on August 31st.  

    Pat joined our hockey program around the year 2000 when his son took up hockey.  Pat immediately became a volunteer for the youth league.  Over the years, he served as a coach, referee, and a commissioner responsible for managing one of our age divisions.  All three of Pat’s children participated in the youth league.  

    Pat was a part of the Richmond Rattlers travel hockey program.  He coached the ‘96 Rattlers and created one of the most competitive teams in the organization.  They traveled the east coast and had tremendous success as a team.  

    Pat had a career change in 2009 and opened up The Ozone.  He remained passionate about youth hockey and continued to help grow hockey in Richmond.  

    A few years back, the RRHL lost access to Ashland Skateland for the youth and adult leagues.  Pat welcomed us into his rink and it was a positive move for the organization.  

    Over the years, Pat would do everything he could to support the league.  He helped keep hockey affordable for our families and never turned down a request to help us out.  

    Pat will be missed.  His reach goes well beyond hockey.  Please take some time to pray for Pat’s family.

    Youth Pick-up Hockey Tonight, 8/23!

    Our last sessions of Pick-up Youth Summer Hockey is tonight, 8/23.  All are welcome, no registration required!

    Lower plays from 6-6:45, and Upper plays from 6:45-7:30.  No one may enter the building before 5:45 (per contract with AKZ).

    A few quick notes:

    1. Do not give payment to the AKZ employee.  Please give cash to me.  This is different from clinics.

    2. Summer Hockey games are $10 per player per game.  This is different from clinics.

    3. Payment must be made before your player can step into the rink.  Venmo, PayPal, and cash are acceptable.  

    4. Please pay the RRHL: Venmo: RRHL-RRHL.  PayPal:  Cash: to Phoebe.

    5. Clinics on Wednesday nights are $5 to AKZ.  This is different from summer hockey.

    Please email with questions.

    RRHL League Information

    current general league information

    wednesday night clinics

    Each Wednesday, we have roller hockey clinics for any player who would like to brush up on hockey and hockey skating skills.  Clinics are run by our Youth RRHL coaches, who are also Adult RRHL players.

    Basic Info:

    6-7 pm, Wednesday evenings at Airpark Kids Zone.

    $5/player to AKZ employee at the door.

    Unless otherwise announced, clinics run every Wednesday year-round.


    There are no age requirements for clinics, but players should be able to at least stand and move a little bit in skates (essentially, very basic skating is needed).  Usually, this means players are at least 3 or 4.  Players should provide their own roller hockey skates and helmets.  We have a POD that has other equipment that players can borrow, but we do not have helmets and usually don't have skates (but you can ask; if we have skates, they are usually larger and not smaller).  We ask that you let us know if you need to borrow equipment; only our coaches and board members have access to the POD.

    One of the better places to purchase roller hockey equipment is Play It Again Sports, as they usually also have used equipment.  Equipment requirements are listed further down this page.

    Please reach out if you have any other questions.  

    Required Equipment

    The following items are currently REQUIRED:

    1. Helmet
    2. Gloves
    3. Elbow Pads
    4. Shin Guards
    5. Skates
    6. Stick
    7. Inline pants (or a substitute that is durable)
    8. Athletic Cup

    The following equipment is currently optional:

    1. Padded shirt
    2. Shoulder pads 
    3. Girdle under the inline pants
    4. Mouth guard 


    This is the most important piece of equipment.  There is a big difference between skates (wheels) made for the outdoors and indoors.  Wheels used outside are typically hard and sometimes even plastic.  Wheels made for the inside are softer and are made of rubber.  If you try to use outdoor wheels, especially plastic ones, it's extremely hard.  If you use your indoor wheels outside, you will ruin them in a short period of time.  Skates also can't have any bolts or medal sticking out.  These are often found on outdoor skates or old skates.  The bolts will cause damage to the playing surface. 

    Skates MUST HAVE  a full set of wheels.  A player can't start a game with an empty slot for a wheel.  The risk of injury to another player and risk to rink damage increases.


    League e-mail: RVARHL@gmail.comBest way to directly reach board members.

    Facebook Group: connect with other league parents.

    Instagram: photos and announcements from the RRHL.  Email your photos to us if you want them shared.

    Twitter: quick announcements from the RRHL.

    League Phone Number (text capable): ‪(804) 496-1720. 

    Sign up HERE to receive emails and announcements from the RRHL!

    Download Our Mobile App!

    Our mobile app allows for you to track your team from your phone!  You can use the link below or search for it in your app store.

    1. In your app store, search for "Sports Engine" - it's made by Sport Ngin, Inc. and will have an NBC logo on it (parent company)
    2. Download the app and open it
    3. Click on the magnifying glass
    4. Enter "Richmond Roller Hockey League"
    5. Find the team you want to track and select it
    6. Click on the "star" to add it as a favorite
    7. You are done!
    8. If you have issues, email RVARHL@GMAIL.COM and we will help.

    New Mandated Protocols 11/16/20

    Dear Fall Youth 2020 Families,

    Please check your emails for vital information regarding the governor's new mandates and how they affect our season.  

    For your convenience, here is the link to the full mandate.

    -RRHL Board

      RSL - Regional Select League

      Rinks around Virginia have pulled together to form a league that allows for "all star" type teams from each rink to play against each other.  The divisions include Elementary School, Middle School, and High School.

      It's not a huge commitment of time.  We will practice some and the games are generally once a month.  The cost is minimal. 

      The registration process includes a question around interest in RSL.  If you respond "yes", we will evaluate your son/daughter for a spot on the team.  We may or may not hold tryouts for the teams.  Our preference at this time is to evaluate the players during games without putting them through the stress of a formal tryout.  Responding "yes" is not an agreement to play.  We will share more information with you and you can make a decision at a later time on whether you are interested. 

      Games run November through February.  Usually 5 game dates over the course of that time period.


      Richmond Roller Hockey League

      The Richmond Roller Hockey League, or RRHL, is located in Ashland, Virginia and plays at Ozone.  The league started in 1992, as the Central Virginia Youth Roller Hockey League (CVYRHL).  The league name changed to the RRHL when the organization earned it's non-profit status in 1996.  We are a big family that loves hockey and we have a ball when we play!

      Contact Us

      Contact Us

      Richmond Roller Hockey League

      Richmond Roller Hockey League Sponsors

      These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities

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