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RRHL Youth Division

Announcments for 10/31-11/5

Happy Halloween if you celebrate!

Apologies for the late notice; I have not been feeling well.  

I know I told several people on Sunday, but as it's been raining on and off overnight and all morning, and as many people go out Trick or Treating on Halloween, there will be NO Lower Level Practice tonight, 10/31.

INSTEAD, we would like ALL of our players to come to practice on THURSDAY.  We have the Barton Rink from 6-8 on Tuesdays and Thursdays; please arrive around 6 if possible on Thursday, and practice will officially start at 6:30, and will go until 8.  If you are even remotely considering participating in the Capitals Inline Hockey League (which, I have been told the press release will be out this week!  Then I can give you all the details!  WE ARE SO EXCITED!), please come Thursday.

ON SUNDAY ALL UPPER LEVEL PLAYERS NEED TO REPORT TO THE BARTON RINK AT 2:00.  We are doing something different this Sunday for our games.  PLEASE bring your new jerseys and be ready to play at 2 for Upper and at 3 for Lower.  

I will remind you of all of this as the week progresses.  Please direct any questions to or text 804.496.1720.

RRHL Youth Division

Current Information and Announcements pertaining to the RRHL Youth Division.

Contacts: Phoebe McCullough, Jessica Brandolino, Amy Garelick


Practices and Games

The RRHL Youth Division practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with games on Sundays.  All practices and games are held at the Matthew and Daniel Barton Rink in Courthouse Park.


Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30: LOWER Level practice

Thursdays, 6:30-7:30: UPPER Level practice

Sundays, 1-6: GAME DAY (schedule will be posted)

RRHL Youth Division 2023 Winter/Spring Registration Open!

The 2023 Winter/Spring RRHL Youth Division Registration is open!  Click the link to register your player(s).  

*$125 for the season (approximately 10 games, plus playoffs/championship). Sibling discount available!

*$16 for required AAU membership (one year of coverage).

*You MUST register your player through the AAU.  The registration will take you through those steps.  Make sure you select "inline hockey" and find our league, Richmond Roller Hockey League.  If your player is already registered with the AAU from last season, you will only need your proof of registration.

Please email with any questions.


This equipment is required any time a player is on the rink:

1. Helmet with a face cage
2. Shoulder pads/protective padded shirt (not required, but recommended as extra protection)
3. Hockey elbow pads
4. Hockey gloves
5. Girdle
6. Cup (if applicable)
7. Hockey shin pads
8. Inline/Roller hockey pants (or comparable athletic pants)
9. Hockey inline skates (see notes below regarding skates)

Not wearing equipment will result in a penalty for your team while you put on the required gear.  If you refuse to wear the gear, you will be benched for the game.

Roller hockey inline skates differ from street inline skates.  The boot is thicker and stiffer, which offers more protection against the puck.  The back of the boot has a high pad to help protect the Achilles tendon.  Inline skates do not have breaks.  Skates must have all wheels in place, with no metal sticking out anywhere.  The wheels can be indoor wheels, as we play on sport court, but we do suggest players not spend excessive time skating around the outside of the rink, as the asphalt will tear up indoor wheels.

Please see a coach if you have questions regarding skates.